A calling from the Lord to start a new work often comes as a divinely-sent burden that propels one into action. For Nehemiah, when he heard of the broken down walls of Jerusalem he received a divinely-sent burden that caused him to leave the comfort of his position in Persia to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. For Bishop Gregory L. Fly, it was when he saw the need for God’s people to have some formal training in His Word and how sometimes the ministers were laugh at because of the lack of training, he received a divinely-sent burden to pioneer a ministry that would provide high-quality theological and ministerial training that was affordable and accessible. And so the GNC Ministry Training Institute was birthed.

In July 2005, The GNC Ministry Training Institute began enrolling students for its first class session that same month. The Biblical Studies program required five core class to received a first year certificate of completion. In the first year and a half, 30 students were enrolled and 8 received their certificate’s of completion. Some students have come back to take second, third and fourth year courses and have received their diploma’s. We were blessed to have on our staff: Bishop Dr. William Polley, Rev. Dr. Linda Jones, Rev. Dr. Betty Williams, Bishop Thomas Burns and Elder Darrell Carson.

The 2009-2010 school year was a year of significant expansion of our classes and programs. Churches in the Columbus area begin sending some of their members for training during the 9am-10:00am Sunday morning sessions.

In 2015 We were blessed to be able to partner with Logos University out of Jacksonville, Florida. Now the GNC students will receive credit toward their undergraduate degree at Logos University, where they can continue getting a high quality theological education. There truly has never been a better time to study at GNC Ministry Training Institute.